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Austin Family Doctors Providing Executive Level Health & Wellness Services

Comprehensive Medical Care

Curative care is only one aspect of our expert medical services. Prevention (preventative care) is our first line of defense and essential to providing modern, effective medical care. By combining preventative, curative and palliative care, we can provide comprehensive medical treatment to all of our patients.

Common Cold Relief

“Common” colds can become a serious issue if the symptoms last for more than ten days. Whether you are experiencing persist cold symptoms or want to get take immediate action to get faster relief, our experienced team will help get you back to feeling fit and healthy.

EKG Services in Austin

Early detection is essential when working to prevent life-threatening cardiovascular issues. If you are at risk of heart attacks, strokes or just want to be proactive, our modern Electrocardiography (EKG) services are designed to accurately identify any potential cardiovascular concerns.

Well Woman Care

Prevention has become an essential element of comprehensive medical care for women. Our well woman care services are designed to address the major health concerns that are specific to women.

Pap Smear

Papanicolaou test, also known as a Pap Smear or Pap Test, this procedure is a crucial tool for modern women's preventative health services. By collecting and analyzing cells from the cervix, our team can detect signs of cervical cancer.

Birth Control

Our friendly and knowledgeable team will work with you to find a safe and effective birth control plan.

Insurance is Accepted

Serving Austin with high quality family care, walk in and same day appointment capabilities, in house compounding pharmacy, physical therapy, blood testing, advanced cardiovascular testing, nutrition counseling and many more health services.

Dr. Sneed

Our Philosophy at Austin Family Medicine Associates

Our office attitude is one that is always warm and welcoming, with your health as our number one priority. Our staff guarantees the shortest wait possible and will work with your schedule to make sure your appointment is at a convenient time for you and your busy life. Your time is valuable, and we do not intend to waste precious minutes.

We focus on prevention and strengthening the ability of a patient to self-heal. Yearly physicals create this sustainable foundation for healthcare, in addition to keeping the office open to urgent care patients when needed.

We are leaders in

Meeting your medical needs, small and large. Meeting your health needs, now and then.

Healthcare Without the Runaround

If you are seeking a family doctor in Austin you should see a practitioner who has many years of experience and knows how to provide excellent care when sick or injured. An experienced physician will communicate clearly and take the time to know each patient, which enables them to give the best care.

Austin Family Medicine has a history of confidence in all patients, as our staff works with you and ensures each patient’s health is a priority. We are pleased to offer patient care at our well-appointed medical clinic in West Austin. Our doctors, physicians, assistants, and staff, have years of demonstrated hands-on experience, certifications, and unique histories of medical practice.

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