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Why do I need a Well Woman Exam?

Beyond the PAP Smear. What is a Well Woman Exam?  Why do I need a Well Woman Exam? What is the purpose of a Well Woman Exam? Many women feel that a well woman exam is all about the PAP smear.  This statement is far from the truth at our practice.  In fact, it is […]

PAP Smears – Well Woman Exam | What? Why? And how often?

PAP Smears – Well Woman Exam Why should I get a PAP smear?  Better yet, what is a PAP smear? PAP Smear is an abbreviation of the physician’s name who discovered the staining techniques which are still used in today’s PAP Smears.  His name was Dr. Papanicolaou.  As you can see in the photo, the […]

Artificial Sweeteners

Many of our patients are struggling to control their weight and many, despite substantial efforts are losing that battle. The artificial sweetener industry has promoted the assumption that consuming “diet drinks” will help people control their calories and promote weight loss and a more healthy lifestyle. It now looks like that nothing could be further […]

Healthy Hobby

One should never underestimate the beneficial effects of developing a satisfying and healthy hobby. Numerous health experts tout the multiple physical and emotional benefits of maintaining a special interest in some activity. In fact, it is estimated that having a successful hobby may add as much as 2 years to your life, about the same […]

Physicals or Wellness Exams

Why should I get a yearly physical?  I am healthy! What is the purpose of a yearly physical? I went in for my yearly physical, but I left without feeling any different. I do not come here very often, doc, so I have a few things to talk about in addition to my physical. These […]


Recent interest in hormone replacement treatment for men is at an all time high level. There is great interest in both the benefits and the potential risks of this beneficial therapy. Our practice specializes in individual treatment and optimization of your hormone levels with minimal risk of treatment. Let’s review the potential benefits of optimal […]