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Fake Niacin

Fake Niacin: Readily Available at your local store! If you or someone you know takes Niacin, please share this blog with them.  This is critical information. Where is Niacin found? There are many sources of niacin on this planet.  Niacin is found in many foods, supplements, and it is readily available in the American diet.  […]

Does Eating Fat, Make You Fat?

Over the years many misconceptions have developed around the concept that eating fat makes you fat.  The media, magazine articles, books, television shows and infomercials discussing popular low-fat diets have contributed in various ways to the diabetes epidemic, poor immune function, increase in autoimmune disease, cancer,  and other chronic illnesses in this country and around […]

Probiotics Help Obtain Optimal Health

What do you think when you hear the word “bacteria”?   Most people think that all bacteria are bad and need to be destroyed, however that is far from the truth.  The human intestinal track is made up of a miraculous complex collection of bugs called the gut microbiome or microbiota. It contains tens of trillions of beneficial […]