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Top 6 Tips to Buying Fish Oil

If your doctor has recommended fish oil, you probably have gone to the pharmacy to look at your options and immediately became overwhelmed. This blog will be geared towards helping you choose a good fish oil supplement that works for you and your budget. Avoid cheap fish oil products. Fish oil products are one of […]

Insomnia Part 2 – Meet your Friends

Saying Good Night to Ambien Series! Previously, I talked about what is preventing you from going to sleep.  This article will assist you in determining what will assist you in getting to sleep and staying asleep. You are not in this fight alone. 1) Sleep Mask: We mentioned light being your enemy. Wearing a sleep […]

Top 5 Reasons Running Hurts

Top 5 Reasons Running Hurts and What To Do About It With the cooler weather, runners everywhere, from seasoned vets to first-timers, are hitting the road, but it won’t be long until that painful excuse to hang up the laces creeps up on us. While the title of this post could easily turn into “500 […]

Food is Information – Weight Loss

Are you struggling to lose weight? Are you frequently looking for the next “magic” weight loss supplement or fad diet? Are you losing the same 10-20 pounds, then regaining? We are told it’s all about the mighty calorie. We are told to eat less; exercise more; increase will power-It’s that easy, right? The fact is, […]