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Metabolic Detoxification | Are You Toxic?

Supporting the Body’s Ability to Cleanse* Environmental pollutants are everywhere in our environment—in what we touch, eat, drink, and breathe. Long-term exposure to even trace amounts of these substances has been linked with a number of undesirable health effects. Under normal circumstances, our bodies are well equipped to filter out harmful chemicals and pollutants to protect […]

Boost Weight Loss and Muscle Growth with Sermorelin

Many people feel that losing weight is an uphill battle. They can starve themselves, workout until they pass out, and attempt every fad diet that comes out without actually lose weight. One of the possible reasons for this is growth hormone deficiency. Without adequate growth hormone, your basal metabolic rate, the amount of calories you […]

3 Smart Tricks on How to Free Your Neck and Shoulder Tension at Your Desk

The pace of today’s world is unprecedented, and as such carving out time to for your physical health has become more and more vital. If we don’t make time for our physical health soon or later our body will force us to pay attention to it, but let’s not let it get to that. These […]

Adrenal Fatigue

Are You Tired for No Reason and Have Trouble Getting Up in the Morning? You may have a syndrome called Adrenal Fatigue. I began learning about Adrenal Fatigue last year because “traditional medicine doctors” do not understand it nor is it taught in medical school. However, the integrative medicine doctors and functional medicine practitioners have […]

Seven Steps to Resolve IBS

Do you have abdominal cramps? Gas and bloating after meals? Diarrhea, constipation or both?   Do you have heart burn? Do your symptoms get worse with increased stress? These inconvenient, irritating problems are a collection of symptoms that are often unexplained and labeled with the term IBS( Irritable Bowel Syndrome). IBS causes visit after visit to […]