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Peanut Allergy Prevention

Allergy to peanuts quadrupled in the 13 years from 1997 to 2010 according to allergy experts at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas. Current peanut allergy estimates are .6 – 1.3% of the general population. Many schools no longer allow children to bring peanut containing foods including peanut butter to school any […]

Should I be Concerned about Chickungunya?

I Have a Spring Break Trip Booked to Mexico – Should I be Concerned about Chickungunya? If you are anything like me, you simply walk outside and the mosquitos are all over you. That gives us pause for concern with the widespread infection potential of Chikungunya (pronounced: chik-en-gun-ye). This virus is transmitted by mosquitoes to […]

Exercise for Brain Health

is a fitness and exercise conscious community. Cold, rainy days of early Spring have us eager for warmer days and the opportunity to enjoy the parks and trails that has to offer. We know that exercise offers many benefits to our health, but did you know it could help your brain? Photo: A new study […]