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MTHFR and 23andMe – Two Peas in a Pod

Click Here to sign Up for 23andMe & get your genome sequenced for just $99. Sign Up for PureGenomics by reading below (free). MTHFR is the tip of the iceberg in relation to your methylation abilities. Knowledge regarding the MTHFR mutation is changing rapidly. I recently attended the Annual Conference of the Institute of Functional […]

5 Signs Your Body Needs to Get Away From Your Desk

A car was built to be driven, and if you don’t drive it for a long time it will break down. Your body is not much different. Specifically, your musculoskeletal system was built to move and when it doesn’t it will begin to break down. Sitting is not the new smoking, we know that chairs […]

What Does Your Poop Say About Your Health?

Part 1 of 4 I know, I know, this is a topic that most people are uncomfortable talking about, however the end product of what your body eliminates says a great deal about your overall health. The color, shape, consistency and frequency of bowel movements are all important in determining changes that need to be […]

New Study: Hot Flashes Occur for 7 – 12 years Through Menopause

A study found that the average duration of hot flashes for women usually last around 7.4 years. Wow! That is a long time to flush randomly and at inopportune times. The study also showed that if a woman experiences frequent and early symptoms, the symptoms are likely to continue for nearly 12 years and 10 […]

Top 5 Cardiovascular Risk Factors Account for 50% of CV Deaths

A recent study in the Annals of Internal Medicine reaffirmed what most of us know – Diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, and cigarette smoking are really bad for you. In fact, if we eliminated these risk factors then we could expect deaths from heart disease and stroke to drop by at least 50%. It’s not real […]