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Hypertension – Breaking the Silence

It wasn’t until I was firmly entrenched in my medical schooling that I first heard the whispers of ‘the Silent Killer’. Silent and lethal? That caught my attention. Prior to this, my only understanding of something silent and deadly was found within the confines of the family car on long road trips. But this thing […]

Tips To Improve Energy and Strength for Men

One of the most common complaints I hear from men is “how can I improve my strength, energy and improve testosterone naturally?” Many factors influence energy and strength is proper testosterone production; Poor diet and lifestyle components can wreak havoc on Testosterone levels, leaving you feeling tired, weak, down and generally not yourself. Testosterone is […]

Herbal Supplements

Herbal Supplements: Nature’s Medicine Plants have been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. However a more intimate knowledge of botanicals or herbal medicine is lacking for many, particularly here in the U.S. Throughout much of the world the reliance of plants is the primary means for addressing healthcare, as the vast majority of […]

The Importance of Eating to Nourish Your Body

Stop Dieting and Lose Weight : The Importance of Eating to Nourish Your Body Media and accepted social standards seem to rule our brains when it comes to weight loss and management.   Every time we turn on the TV, check our social media or click on goggle, we are inundated with photo shopped images or […]

Mindfulness – Inside the Dementia Epidemic

I found myself thinking about life recently. About living. Of the average life, so to speak. And how it’s evolved over time in the recent past. Consider this, the average life expectancy for a person born in 1850 was about 38 years old. By the turn of the century it had risen to around 48 […]

Sleep! Who Needs It, Right?!

We have all heard the term “you snooze, you lose”.    For some reason most people think that sleep is more of a privilege than a necessity. We are so busy with the demands of our jobs, families, friends, chores and other obligations that we tend to rush around and skimp on sleep, just to get […]

Nutritional Support for the Management of Dyslipidemia

UltraMeal Cardio 360° is a medical food formulated to provide specialized support within a nutritional management program for dyslipidemia. Many clinical experts recommend lifestyle changes including the addition of specific cardio-supportive nutrients as a first step to managing cholesterol. The UltraMeal Cardio 360° Medical Food Program offers science-based support for patients with high cholesteroland triglyceride levels. It’s never too late […]