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IBS Is Not Your Destiny

Have you ever been diagnosed with IBS, but left to suffer with the symptoms? Do you have abdominal cramps? Gas and bloating after meals? Diarrhea, constipation or both?   Do you have heart burn? Do your symptoms get worse with increased stress? These inconvenient, irritating problems are a collection of symptoms that are often unexplained and […]

Yes, You Can Eat Eggs!

Many people are very confused on whether or not they should eat eggs.  The truth is that eggs are a very healthy source of protein and other vitamins and minerals, however all eggs are not created equal.  This makes shopping for them quite confusing. Being knowledgeable regarding the wording on the carton can make shopping easier and help […]

Parkinson’s | Family Ties

This past year, in 2015, marked the 20th anniversary of the celebrated and beloved movie Back to the Future starring Michael J. Fox. Michael was himself a beloved cultural icon from that time as well. For those of you from my generation, we grew up with him. At the time he hit it big at […]

Tips for Eating Healthy and Decreasing Stress at Social Events

It is time to stop stressing out about social gathering and the dreaded weight gain that usually ensues. Taking just a few precautionary measure will enable you to maintain your weight and possibly even lose. Follow these tips and you will remain confident and full of energy. Don’t arrive on an empty stomach! Although you […]

Quick and Easy Healthy Breakfast Treats

I have heard it many, many times…”I don’t have time to make breakfast”–“I need something quick and on the go”.   Part of my job as a nutritionist is to teach people how quick and easy it is to make nutrient dense meals that also taste wonderful. Taking a bit of time on the weekend to […]

Prostate Gland Health | Prostrate Prostate

I was recently reviewing an article in the New England Journal of Medicine which discussed a review of data from the Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial that was halted in 2003. The federally funded $73 million dollar study had originally been designed to evaluate if the drug finasteride reduced the risk of prostate cancer in men […]

Taking the Evil Out of Cholesterol

For years we have heard dramatically negative comments regarding cholesterol and unfortunately, cholesterol is still controversial these days depending on which research you are investigating. To take some of the evil out of cholesterol, it is important to understand that cholesterol is imperative to maintaining optimal function of many biochemical processes in the body. Although, […]

Hereditary Cancer Testing | It’s In the Genes

One of the more exciting aspect of medicine that has the potential to impact health care and clinical decision making, is the evolution underway with genetic testing. Just over a decade ago there was simply one gene that we could test for, the BRACA gene, as many people have become familiar with. Angelina Jolie is […]