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7 Ways That Exercise Can Benefit Your Brain and Body

We all know that exercise is good for our health, but do you know exactly how it positively impacts the body and brain? Here are seven benefits of regular exercise which may just surprise you. 1. Fat Cells Shrink Exercise is obviously important for losing weight, because the process of burning more calories than you […]

Cancer Risk Increases the Longer You’re Overweight

Recent Research Finds Cancer Risk Increases the Longer You’re Overweight There are a wide variety of health problems associated with obesity, including diabetes, heart attack and stroke, but recent research has found that cancer is also a very serious concern for overweight people. Although obesity was already known as a risk factor for cancer, new […]

Could a Chocolate Pill Give Your Health a Boost?

Who would have thought that chocolate could be good for you? That’s right – the rich, tasty little treat that we all know and love has some astounding benefits for our health. However, it may not be in the usual candy form we’re familiar with. Health-Boosting Cocoa Compounds Flavanols and polyphenols, compounds which occur naturally […]