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7 Signs of Food Sensitivity

An estimated 15 million people in the US have food allergies, ranging from mild sensitivity through to life-threatening conditions. A true food allergy causes an immediate reaction with symptoms like anaphylaxis, difficulty breathing, swelling, hives, and digestive trouble, while food sensitivity reactions can be delayed for up to two days after eating a food and […]

1 in 3 Slim Americans Have Pre-Diabetes

Although there are many factors to consider in determining the state of our health, a major aspect is our weight and many of us are aware that being overweight can increase our risk of developing many life-threatening diseases. For this reason, it’s easy to assume that those who are slim are immediately healthier than those […]

Melanotan – 3 Beneficial Side Effects

It’s a quick, simple and highly effective method for producing a rich, healthy and long lasting tan, but Melanotan has some other major benefits as well. If you’ve been considering Melanotan injections, let us share with you a few of its extra benefits that might just come as a happy surprise. and Sharon Sneed, Ph.D […]