We learn how to crawl, stand and walk very early in life. But do we ever think about what our body needs in order to do stand and walk with great bio-mechanics?  I want to bring more awareness to you that your feet are your foundation.  You must learn how to activate your legs and feet properly in order strengthen your hips and core to move well and move without injury.

In order to make sure our feet are functioning properly, the muscles in our feet just like every where else need to be strong and flexible. If we do only strengthening exercises, the full range of motion will not be possible.  The exercises I will describe will require using a ball (tennis, lacrosse) under one foot to release the tissue through massage  and a towel to strengthen the muscles of the foot as you stand.   These exercises  will allow you to develop a strong foundation that will help you achieve strength, flexibility, and balance. You can then build on this foundation each day.

As you stand notice what the arch of your foot is doing. What happens due to wearing shoes is that the arches tend to roll in and out when we stand. We want to build stronger arches while we stand by releasing myofascial restrictions to motion.

a. Take ball and place it right under the toe mounds and drag ball side to side. If you have an injury be mindful not to put a lot of pressure to the injury. Stand with good posture. Repeat 5-10 times
b. Then pin the ball in the middle of toe mounds and  crunch toes around the ball (squeeze in).
c. Then lift the toes  (open up) and continue for 5-10 repetitions
d. Next slide the ball behind toe mounds and the pin foot on the ball. Invert and evert foot which is to roll to the outer foot and then to the inner foot and remember to bend knees and have good posture. Roll your foot in and out 5- 10 times
e. Next pin the ball right in the middle of the arch and move your foot side to side like a clockwise and counterclockwise with your big toe (twist) repeat 5-10 times
f. Pin the heel and repeat the twisting motion 5-10 times
g. Next Roll the ball back and forth the length of the foot, the sides of the foot ( inner and outer arch) 5-10 times

Now note how your foot and arch feel. It should feet more open. These exercises will help with ankle mobility as you build your strong foundation.

Repeat to the other side.

Our feet do not get to move like they should because of shoes. These exercises are great maintenance work to do for the feet. It is also good rehabilitation for ankle sprains.  It helps break up fascial adhesions that prevent movement. Our goal in life is to move well and often.

Foot Exercises

1. Stand with your feet hip distance apart. Put a towel under your foot and pull like you are picking up the towel and put in back down with your toes. Repeat 5-10 times

2. Next place your foot on the towel and try to pull your big toe and 2nd toe mounds into your heel. As you pull your arch should lift.

3. Continue to lift and drop your arch 5-10 times

4. Repeat with the other foot

Doing this daily will help you build and maintain your strong foundation!

strong foundationDr. Laurie Buob

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