Pharmaceutical Weight LossLosing weight is often a very long and difficult journey which, even with the support of your physician, can take its toll on your motivation. It’s not uncommon to experience a slower rate of weight loss than you’d expect or like, or to find it tricky to adapt to a new, low calorie diet. That’s why we often recommend pharmaceutical weight loss aids to support you with various aspects of your journey.

MIC shots

What do they do?

Methionine Inositol Choline injections are designed to enhance the metabolism of fat cells in order to increase the rate of fat loss. The shots contain a blend of Lipo-Plex and B complex vitamins which help to mobilize fat and release fat molecules from adipose cells into the bloodstream. From there, fat molecules can then be used in various tissues around the body, including liver and muscle cells, in order to be used as energy.

The reason why MIC shots can be so effective is that they help the body to use fat for energy rather than breaking down muscle tissue. This is perfect for those who are increasing their exercise regime to enhance weight loss and don’t want to lose muscle while adhering to a lower calorie diet to lose weight. Plus, since they help to enhance energy levels, MIC shots can help to alleviate lethargy and make it easier for people to find the energy and motivation to exercise to improve their overall fitness.

Who could benefit most?

If you’ve struggled with yo-yo dieting in the past, seem to experience slow weight loss, or feel low energy when changing your diet, MIC shots (Pharmaceutical Weight Loss) could be an excellent solution to boost fat burning and increase energy levels.

Appetite suppressants

What do they do?

Appetite suppressants are FDA-approved prescription drugs (Pharmaceutical Weight Loss) which work to reduce appetite in order to make it easier for people to adhere to a low calorie diet and avoid unhealthy, calorie-dense foods. There are several different types of appetite suppressants available, some of which have only recently been FDA-approved and are having a tremendous impact on the success of those who are trying to lose weight.

Phentermine (also known as Adipex) is one of the oldest appetite suppressants on the market which works as a stimulant go release more adrenaline signals in the brain to dampen the appetite. Topiramate (Topamax), is traditionally a seizure medication, but it has long been used as an appetite suppressant too. Interestingly, one of Topiramate’s side effects is that it make carbonated drinks taste completely flat, which makes it an excellent drug for those who are addicted to soda. Qysymia is a blend of Phentermine and Toperimate; by using half the typical dosage of each drug in combination, it is possible to alleviate the side effects that each drug can cause which makes it ideal for long term use. Belviq (Lorcaserin) is a relatively new drug that stimulates a single serotonin receptor which regulates appetite, and has been clinically proven to boost weight loss. Finally, Dr. Sneed’s Fat Buster is a combination of vitamins and pharmaceuticals created by our very own Dr. David Sneed, which works to reduce appetite and increase satiety, as well as boost energy and provide a good nutritional balance to keep the body healthy while adhering to a low calorie diet.

Who could benefit most?

Those who struggle to adhere to a low calorie diet as a result of extreme hunger or addictive behavior around certain foods will find appetite suppressants particularly helpful.

HCG medications

What do they do?

HCG – Human Chorionic Gonadotropin – is a pregnancy hormone released from the fetus during pregnancy to prevent the mother’s body from entering starvation mode by triggering the use of fat tissue as energy to stop the body from using muscle tissue as an energy source. The HCG diet involves patients taking HCG medications, either in the form of a tablet of injections, to stimulate as much fat loss as possible while adhering to a strict, low calorie diet of around 750 calories each day. Multivitamins and supplements are also provided to ensure that patients are getting adequate nutrition despite the low calorie diet.

The HCG diet can also incorporate the use of MIC shots and appetite suppressants to heighten fat mobilization and to control hunger while eating a lower calorie diet, making it almost effortless for patients to comfortably adhere to the plan and achieve excellent rates of weight loss.

Who could benefit most

Since the HCG diet involves such a strict diet regime, it is an excellent choice for those who want to completely change their eating habits by forming new habits. The program lasts for 40 days, which is enough time for the brain and body to become accustomed to eating limited carbohydrates and fat in exchange for healthy proteins. Once you’ve successfully completed the HCG diet, it simply won’t feel right to return to your previous carb- and fat-heavy diet.

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