Do I Need Hereditary Cancer Testing?

Hereditary cancer testing can help you determine what your risk level of developing cancer is. It examines genetic mutations and informs you if you possess genes inclined towards cancer that you might pass on to your children. It is highly advisable to have yourself genetically examined for cancer risk so that you can inform your […]

Your Knee Issues May Require a Knee Osteotomy

Knee osteotomy is a surgery that is recommended for patients who suffer from damage to a localized area of their knee, mostly due to illnesses like arthritis. Typically, the procedure involves adding or removing a wedge of bone to the lower thighbone or upper shinbone in order to help shift the weight of the body […]

The Importance of Preventive Health and Wellness

As we grow older we typically begin to fall victim to various chronic illnesses. These illnesses can hamper the quality of life and limit the range of activities old populations can participate in. Apart from this, repeated illnesses also lead to a rise in health insurance premium, which can cause financial difficulties in the long […]

Tips for Overcoming Stress Eating

It’s not uncommon to turn to food (stress eating) in times of stress or high emotion. Many of us find solace in comfort foods when we’re having a bad day, but for some the compulsion to eat when stressed can become a serious problem if it leads to weight gain and, in turn, weight-related health […]

Strong Foundation for Injury Prevention

We learn how to crawl, stand and walk very early in life. But do we ever think about what our body needs in order to do stand and walk with great bio-mechanics?  I want to bring more awareness to you that your feet are your foundation.  You must learn how to activate your legs and feet […]

Could Your IBS Really be Bacterial Overgrowth?

Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, known as SIBO, is an imbalance of bacteria in the gut which shares many symptoms with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Many people who believe they suffer from IBS, a long term, chronic condition which can be difficult to manage, may actually be suffering from SIBO, a condition which can be treated […]

Best Family Doctors in Texas

Finding a reliable and personable family doctor can often be a challenge. Whether you’re needing an annual check-up, tests or you are sick, you’d feel more comfortable visiting the same physician. Here are some of the best family doctor practices in Texas. 1. Memorial Heights Family Medicine When it comes to the Best Family Doctors […]

Natural Supplements and Remedies for Allergies

Spring is well and truly upon us and although we’re relishing the slightly warmer temperatures, we’re less than happy about the increase in pollen and subsequent allergies! Although there are plenty of pharmaceutical remedies available for allergy sufferers, sometimes it can be helpful to look for natural alternatives. Here are five wonderful alternative remedies and […]

5 Signs of Leaky Gut

What are the signs of leaky gut? Leaky gut syndrome is a complex condition that can cause a host of uncomfortable symptoms. Factors like chronic stress, environmental toxins, infections, and gut flora imbalance can irritate the intestines and cause increased permeability. This leads undigested foods to leak out of the gut and into the bloodstream, […]

7 Signs of Food Sensitivity

An estimated 15 million people in the US have food allergies, ranging from mild sensitivity through to life-threatening conditions. A true food allergy causes an immediate reaction with symptoms like anaphylaxis, difficulty breathing, swelling, hives, and digestive trouble, while food sensitivity reactions can be delayed for up to two days after eating a food and […]