low-testosterone-tampaRecent concerns raised about the safety of testosterone therapy for men with low T have once again been put to rest by a recent study at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. Physicians there looked at the data for over 25,000 men over the age of 66 and found that testosterone therapy was clearly not associated with higher risk of heart attack. In, fact, men who had increased risk factors for having a heart attack appeared to be protected from that life-threatening condition by the use of testosterone.

It often seems that in reporting on medical issues there is a tendency to jump at any negative information related to highly used medical treatments. And then when the dust settles, the treatment that was criticized is found to indeed be effective and beneficial. However, in many cases unsuspecting patients have already abandoned the treatment in question and forever lost the benefits that come from that treatment.

Dr.Oubre and Dr Sneed make every effort to stay current on the most effective ways to improve your health. They welcome your questions and concerns and will try to carefully evaluate your particular health issue with the most accurate medical information available. If you were concerned about the possible harmful effects of testosterone replacement therapy and stopped your treatment give some thought to resuming this valuable treatment and once again enjoying the improved health and vitality that can come from optimally balanced hormones.