This new therapy makes joint replacement seem archaic.  We call it:  BodyStem.

Austin family medicine BodyStem joint replacementHave you had joint pain for years?

  1. Do you have an old football injury that never healed?
  2. Do your knees hurt every time you get out of the car?
  3. Do your hips hurt for the first 30 minutes of every morning?
  4. Does your back hurt more days than it does not hurt?

There is a new breakthrough procedure that utilizes your own body’s stem cells to rejuvenate your own joints or musculoskeletal problems.  The procedure is performed in the office, takes only a few hours, and you walk out of the office with no downtime.  The stem cell therapy procedure involves three different stages that are used in combination in order to rejuvenate the affected area.

Stage one is called Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP, and its purpose is to collect growth factors and healing cells that activate cells wherever they are injected.  PRP is collected via a blood draw.

Stage two is called Adipose Stem Cells, or ASC.  These stem cells are collected via liposuction.  Fat tissue contains millions of mesenchymal stem cells which have the ability to grow and mature into many different types of tissue, including cartilage, bone, tendons, ligaments, and connective tissue.

Stage three is called Bone Marrow Aspirate Collection, or BMAC.  These stem cells are important in regenerating blood vessels and blood flow to chronically damaged areas or diseases that affect blood flow (diabetes, high blood pressure, age, and smoking).  Bone marrow is collected from your hip with local anesthesia.

These three stages can be used in any combination that is best determined by a full evaluation from one of our providers who are experts in stem cell therapy.

A real life example:  An 80-year-old man has suffered for many years with daily knee pain that causes stiffness every morning.  He has changed his life to avoid activities that utilize his knees.  He goes to smaller stores, so he does not need to walk.  After having stem cell therapy (PRP and ASC) in both knees, he rarely experiences pain.  When he does, it is mild and easily tolerable.  In addition to pain reduction, he can now walk both to the mall and around it several times without pain.  He also notices that he can swim more vigorously.

We cannot claim that everyone will achieve such fantastic results, but we are excited about this new option for patients with chronic joint problems.  If you have thought of a joint replacement, then you need to do more research and consider BodyStem as an alternative.  Here is a comparison of joint replacement to BodyStem:

Joint Replacement BodyStem
$30,000 + Rehabilitation fees Total cost less than $5000
Risk of General Anesthesia Local Anesthesia
Post-Operative Pain Aching pain in liposuction area
Hospitalization Office procedure < 5 hours total
Immobilizer Bracing after operation No downtime – walk out of the office
6 months of Physical Rehabilitation Full activity within 2-4 weeks
Blood Thinners after operation No blood thinners required
Pain from implanted joint for 6 months Joint fullness for 24 – 48 hours

The future is here, and it is called BodyStem – Stem Cell Therapy.

If you or someone you know is suffering, then it is time to make an appointment to discuss this as a treatment option.  The consultation is covered by insurance.  Read more about BodyStem on our website.


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