According to a recent study, it does not matter whether you run 30 minutes per week or two hours per week, you still achieve health benefits.  The study followed adults ranging from age 18 to 100 years old.  The average age was 44.  The main goal was to monitor how many people died or had […]

Lifestyle Medicine

The most influential trend in medicine today, growing exponentially, is the emerging field of what is known as “lifestyle medicine” — lifestyle as treatment, not just prevention. That is a profound statement made by Dean Ornish, MD, founder of the University of California San Francisco’s Preventive Medicine Research Institute . We tend to think of […]

PSA Testing: Putting the cart before the horse.

The Prostate Controversy: Should I get tested? “Most men are going to their graves with prostate cancer instead of from prostate cancer.” -Dr. Oubre The prostate cancer testing controversy has raged on for over a decade.  The prostate controversy parallels the mammogram controversy (see the Harms of Mammography blog) although mammograms look stellar when compared […]

Ebola Virus Summary and Tips

As many of you have already heard from friends, family, strangers, or the news, the largest Ebola outbreak known to man is occurring right now in Africa.  The Ebola virus awakens in Africa every several years and causes a fatal outbreak due to the severity of disease, lack of medical care, and poor hygiene in […]

We’re Pleased to Announce a Change for Maximum Vitality

We are pleased to announce that Maximum Vitality, one of the supplements that we recommend the most, has announced that it now has a smaller easier to swallow option. Max Vitality is so loaded with additional nutrients that it was sometimes a chore to swallow. Now you can get this same great vitamin in half […]

Physical Therapy for Hip Arthritis is NOT Effective

SHAM physical therapy = REAL Physical Therapy for hip arthritis New shocking results released in an article by the Journal of American Medical Association.  The researchers took a group of patients with arthritis (or osteoarthritis) and divided them into 2 groups.  The first group received real physical therapy for their hip arthritis, and the other […]

Low T therapy and Heart Attack risk show no link

Recent concerns raised about the safety of testosterone therapy for men with low T have once again been put to rest by a recent study at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. Physicians there looked at the data for over 25,000 men over the age of 66 and found that testosterone therapy was […]

Not all sugars are created equal

Don’t be fooled; Not all sugars are created equal Ever heard of the term glycemic index?  Do you know what glycemic index means?  If you do not, you are probably in the same boat as most Americans.  Let’s take a look into it together. In order to understand what glycemic index really means, you have […]

Your Family Doctor is not preventing you from getting the care you “deserve.”

A recent unintentional severe insult:  Family Doctors are Gatekeepers. I was recently at a dinner where a professional triathlete was speaking.  After the dinner and his speech, I introduced myself and was extremely delighted to meet a professional athlete in a sport that I enjoy.  We began chatting, and he quickly discovered that I was […]

Testosterone Testing

– Recent lab data was compiled regarding lab testing of testosterone levels in men. For the first 3 months of this year (2014) between 1.2 and 1.4 million men were tested each month and almost 50% of those testes had testosterone levels less than 300. This is a very low level and is associated with […]