What is Stem Cell Therapy and What Can it Do For Me?

Stem cell therapy is a relatively new and pioneering non-surgical solution for a variety of medical conditions, including chronic pain, sporting injuries and even sagging skin. With short treatment time and minimal downtime, for many it is a convenient and highly effective procedure that can transform their lives for good. So, what exactly could stem […]

What is the Difference Between a Vitamin and a Supplement?

Most of us know the importance of getting enough vitamins and minerals in our diet to maintain a healthy body, and many of us also take supplements on a regular basis in order to ensure we’re getting enough of the right nutrients to be in good health. However, for some the line between vitamins and […]

Pharmaceutical Weight Loss – Exploring MIC Shots and Appetite Suppressants

Losing weight is often a very long and difficult journey which, even with the support of your physician, can take its toll on your motivation. It’s not uncommon to experience a slower rate of weight loss than you’d expect or like, or to find it tricky to adapt to a new, low calorie diet. That’s […]

Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D to Cut Your Risk of Cancer and Infection?

It’s been known for decades that Vitamin D is an essential element for good health since it promotes strong bones and can help to reduce the risk of bowel disease, heart failure and osteoporosis. However, recent research has proven that it’s also an essential vitamin for preventing infections and cancer. Vitamin D Offers an Initial […]

Is Medical Marijuana Taking on the Fight Against Opioid Overdoses?

Would you believe us if we told you that 6 out of every 10 drug overdose deaths in the US are related to perfectly legal, prescribed medications? Sadly, it’s true. Opioids, designed to relieve chronic pain, are notorious not only for their pain-relieving properties, but also for causing addiction and subsequent overdose. So, why do […]

Does Aspartame Cause Obesity?

If you’re picking up a soda and you’ve got weight loss, calories or healthy-eating on your mind, do you opt for the sugar-laden, original variety or the sugar-free, zero-calorie variety? Doing the latter may seem like the smart, healthy choice, but the truth is that it could actually be hindering your health and weight loss […]

New Year, New You – Making Your Weight Loss Resolution Stick

We’re all guilty of making new years resolutions that fall by the wayside within a few months (or even a few weeks), but this year, with our help, you can make sure that you stay true to your resolution and say goodbye to your excess weight for good. Get Medical Support We strongly recommend that […]

Know the Signs of B12 Deficiency and Discover the Top B12 Benefits

B12 plays a huge variety of essential metabolic roles in our bodies, and not getting enough can cause a host of health problems. From poor digestion to reduced nerve growth, inhibited circulation to reproduction issues, the effects of B12 deficiency are complex and serious. In fact, recent studies have shown that babies whose mothers were […]

Is Your Health Being Harmed by Hidden Sugar?

We all know we should be keeping an eye on our sugar intake, but do you really know how much you’re consuming? Hidden sugar hides behind a wide range of names on food labels and can be tricky to spot, leading us to consume more of it than we expected. The only way to avoid […]

10 Key Health Tips for MTHFR Mutation Carriers

It can be pretty daunting to find out that you’re a carrier of the MTHFR gene mutation, particularly when you learn that it can increase your susceptibility to certain diseases and medical conditions. The first step to staying healthy is knowing that you have the mutation so that you can make changes to optimize cell […]