Living With MTHFR Deficiency

MTHFR deficiency is a condition which an estimated 50-60% of people all over the world may be suffering from and which can lead to major complications such as cancer and mental health conditions. Despite this, many people simply don’t know that they have it. Read on to find out exactly what MTHFR deficiency is and […]

How Can PRP Help My Muscle And Ligament Injuries?

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy is a truly innovative and relatively new procedure that can have a wide range of uses in the body. Here at Family Medicine, Dr. Sneed has developed his own trademarked procedure called BodyStem which incorporates PRP therapy to alleviate a variety of conditions, including muscle and ligament injuries. We have […]

Menopause And Hormone Therapy: Is It Right For You?

With symptoms such as headaches, nausea, hot flashes, mood swings and depression, going through the menopause isn’t an easy ride. It is possible to manage the symptoms of menopause through hormone replacement therapy, but for many women the thought of hormone-based treatments can be daunting. The truth is that hormone replacement is an incredibly effective […]

Do I Really Have Allergies?

With its humid, subtropical climate, hot summers and mild winters, is home to a diverse range of trees, plants and flowers which, although beautiful, cause thousands of people to suffer severely from allergies throughout the year. In spring we’re plagued with pollen from oak, ash, elm, pecan and cottonwood trees, whilst summer brings irritation from […]

The Zika Virus, Everything You Need To Know

You may have heard several news reports about the Zika virus recently, but how much do you really know about the disease, and would you recognize the symptoms if you had it? We answer all the most important questions that residents have about the Zika virus. What is the Zika virus? The Zika virus is […]

3 Ways to Prevent Shoulder Injuries

Why does my shoulder always hurt? What is that popping I hear in my shoulder? I didn’t do anything serious to it, why is it hurting all of the sudden? Why is it so tight when I wake up in the morning? These are just a few of the many questions we hear every day […]

A Poem a Day

For many years my father had a poem that hung in his office. It was written in black calligraphy upon simple white parchment, and framed unadorned. Its words have always had that sort of mystical impact on me that is the essence of good poetry. Dad related to me how he first discovered it while […]

Heart Health | The Heart of the Matter

I was recently viewing an old rerun of The Sopranos and found myself ruminating over the premature death of its star. James Gandolfini’s passing from a heart attack was tragic given his relatively young age. The former Soprano’s star was 51 years old and a father of two. Part of the tragedy in such cases […]

IBS Is Not Your Destiny

Have you ever been diagnosed with IBS, but left to suffer with the symptoms? Do you have abdominal cramps? Gas and bloating after meals? Diarrhea, constipation or both?   Do you have heart burn? Do your symptoms get worse with increased stress? These inconvenient, irritating problems are a collection of symptoms that are often unexplained and […]

Yes, You Can Eat Eggs!

Many people are very confused on whether or not they should eat eggs.  The truth is that eggs are a very healthy source of protein and other vitamins and minerals, however all eggs are not created equal.  This makes shopping for them quite confusing. Being knowledgeable regarding the wording on the carton can make shopping easier and help […]