Westlake Family Practice

Advanced Family Practice Medical Care Conveniently Located in Westlake Hills My name is Sharon Sneed and I have resided in the Westlake Hills area since 1986. Recently, we moved our south medical practice to Westlake Hills, at , , in The Reserve office complex. The offices we relocated include Family Practice Associates ( and Aesthetica […]

5 Simple Tips to Improve Your Allergies Without Medications

The pollen and inhaled allergens are among us here in Texas. If you don’t believe me, write “Wash Me” with your finger across the top of your car. That yellow dust is not sidewalk chalk – it is genetic diversity from the pollenating plants. I have included some natural ways from a Functional Medicine perspective […]

The Best 4 Core Exercise for People Who Hate Core Exercises

This is a quick guide for those who aren’t wild about getting down on the floor and grunting their way to a perfect core. This is an outlet for the person who is tired of feeling their spine mashed into the hard floor and then feels itchy after getting up off of the grass. You’ve […]

Peanut Allergy Prevention

Allergy to peanuts quadrupled in the 13 years from 1997 to 2010 according to allergy experts at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas. Current peanut allergy estimates are .6 – 1.3% of the general population. Many schools no longer allow children to bring peanut containing foods including peanut butter to school any […]

Should I be Concerned about Chickungunya?

I Have a Spring Break Trip Booked to Mexico – Should I be Concerned about Chickungunya? If you are anything like me, you simply walk outside and the mosquitos are all over you. That gives us pause for concern with the widespread infection potential of Chikungunya (pronounced: chik-en-gun-ye). This virus is transmitted by mosquitoes to […]

Exercise for Brain Health

is a fitness and exercise conscious community. Cold, rainy days of early Spring have us eager for warmer days and the opportunity to enjoy the parks and trails that has to offer. We know that exercise offers many benefits to our health, but did you know it could help your brain? Photo: A new study […]

7 Simple Tips to Help You Meet Your Fitness Goals

The cold cover of winter is starting to fall away and spring is nearly upon us. The realization that summer is just around the corner is a wonderful motivator to kick back into gear and begin a workout program. It’s never that easy though, is it? What classes should I go to? How do I […]

Estrogen Metabolite: Is your own estrogen causing cancer?

It has been well established that certain estrogen metabolites, or breakdown products, are carcinogenic. Others are protective against cancer. Which estrogen breakdown products are you making? You probably do not know since no one has ever tested you.  This is important for all women, regardless if you are taking hormones or not. Even if you […]

GMO: 3 Letter Acronyms Aren’t Food

What is a GMO? GMO is an acronym that stands for Genetically Modified Organism. The acronym generally revolves around food although there are other such genetically modified organisms that exist. For this purpose, we will only be discussing GMOs as foods. Scientists and agriculturalists have been engineering foods for decades. They have taken “beneficial” genes […]

Metabolic Detoxification | Are You Toxic?

Supporting the Body’s Ability to Cleanse* Environmental pollutants are everywhere in our environment—in what we touch, eat, drink, and breathe. Long-term exposure to even trace amounts of these substances has been linked with a number of undesirable health effects. Under normal circumstances, our bodies are well equipped to filter out harmful chemicals and pollutants to protect […]