SHAM physical therapy = REAL Physical Therapy for hip arthritis

Austin family medicine stem cell therapy Hip ArthritisNew shocking results released in an article by the Journal of American Medical Association.  The researchers took a group of patients with arthritis (or osteoarthritis) and divided them into 2 groups.  The first group received real physical therapy for their hip arthritis, and the other group went through sham physical therapy (fake physical therapy with useless techniques).  As it turns out, both groups had the same results!  This makes Stem Cell Therapy much more valuable and important as it has promising results.  It is also reasonable to believe that therapists who perform Active Release Technique (ART) such as Airrosti may have better results than regular physical therapy.  With Active Release Technique, the provider performs deep tissue massage which can relax and strengthen muscles.  It also helps break down scar tissue that can glue muscle tissue together and contribute to pain.  Besides stem cell therapy, steroid injections, and hyaluronic acid (Orthovisc) injections, there are very few options for hip arthritis.

Austin family medicine Hip Arthritis stem cell therapyArthritis is a lack of cartilage between the bone-on-bone interactions of a joint.  It helps cushion impacts of daily motion and movement.  Without cartilage, the bony interface gets inflamed and painful with any movement.  In the medical profession, we have sent patients to physical therapy for arthritis for many years …and we will continue to send them.  However, this article sheds light on a particular problem:  people with more advanced arthritis do not respond to physical therapy.  We know these patients had more advanced arthritis because they had a 4/10 pain on most days.  Also, their arthritis moderately affected their activities of daily living (toileting, answering the phone, bathing, cooking, etc).

Stem Cell Therapy is designed to improve pain in these joints.  Stem cells are located throughout the body.  These cells have vast potential, and they can turn into many different types of cells.  They have the potential to morph into cellular structure similar to cartilage, bone, ligaments, tendons, and other connective tissue.  They also have the potential to awaken cells that are stuck in an inflammatory pathway and are incapable of regenerating into healthy tissue.  When new, healthy stem cells are injected into the joint, the old damaged cells can be revitalized into healthier tissue that will not hurt upon movement.  We collect stem cells from different parts of the body because each location has different types of stem cells which serve different purposes.  To learn more, you should visit our Stem Cell Therapy website.

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