We are pleased to announce that Maximum Vitality, one of the supplements that we recommend the most, has announced that it now has a smaller easier to swallow option. Max Vitality is so loaded with additional nutrients that it was sometimes a chore to swallow. Now you can get this same great vitamin in half the size of the older tablets.

Both tablets contain no wheat/gluten, are vegetarian with the exception of Vitamin D3 from lanolin, and are produced in a cGMP certified lab.

These potent vitamins have 67 different components and earned  a 5-star rating, placing in the top one percent of 1,300 multivitamins in North America based on the 2014 5th Edition of the Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements by Lyle MacWilliam. Maximum Vitality is one of six brands that were rated in the top 1 percent in the 2007 4th edition and continue to be rated in the top 1% in the 2014 5th edition with much stricter criteria.  Most of the other top-rated multivitamins require taking 6 to 14 pills per day.  Maximum Vitality achieves the same 5-Star level of excellence with a recommended dose of 2 or 4 tablets per day. We will be adding a new nutritionist to our staff soon, more details to come. As always, nutritional optimization is one of the pillars of good health that we seek to support in all of our patients.