Advanced Family Practice Medical Care Conveniently Located in Westlake Hills

Austin family medicine Westlake Family PracticeMy name is Sharon Sneed and I have resided in the Westlake Hills area since 1986. Recently, we moved our south Austin medical practice to Westlake Hills, at 500 N Capital of TX HWY, BLDG 6, STE 125, in The Reserve office complex. The offices we relocated include Austin Family Practice Associates ( and Aesthetica MedSpa ( . These are the offices owned and operated by Dr. David L. Sneed, who has been practicing medicine in Austin since 1986.

Our Westlake Family Practice can usually meet 90% of the medical needs for your entire family. In large urban areas, family practices have evolved into a little more of an adult and teenager orientation, leaving babies and pregnant women to pediatricians and obstetricians. Looking for a family practice office that has a true wellness orientation is critical to your future health and even your longevity. This is where the rubber meets the road – don’t just correct disease, prevent it from happening in the first place. This can only be accomplished in an advanced family practice setting committed to high level blood work analysis and diagnostic screening practices.

Our new Westlake Family Practice office is conveniently located to the thousands of Westlake residents living both inside and outside of loop 360. From the near-in-to-Austin neighborhoods, like the Las Lomas area (I lived there for fourteen years) and Rollingwood, you will be able to arrive at our office within 10 minutes, even in medium traffic. From deep, inside the loop (like Westlake Drive – I lived there for one year) it might take you about 12 minutes to arrive at the office. For the hundreds of great families that live in Lost Creek (I lived there for four years on Cypress Point West and for one year on Whitemarsh) you can pick up your child at Forest Trail and be at the office in an additional 5 minutes. Since we are located just north of the intersection of Bee Caves Road and 360, we are also convenient to all residents located outside the loop. From Seven Oaks and the Rob Roys (I lived there for two years), you are 5 minutes away. And, from Riverhills and Cuernavaca (my new neighborhood) you are about 10 minutes away depending upon how far down the road you are. And, even neighborhoods which are further out are not out of the question. Barton Creek West residents (I lived there for 7 years) can arrive at the office in around 15 minutes.

We are pleased to serve all of our patients but hope that Westlake residents will know that we are here for you and will see you at any time between 8-5 the same day. From 8-10 am we serve walk-in patients, no appointment necessary. You can literally drop in on your way to work or school. And, we are open until 5 pm and the traffic going southbound on 360 at that time of day is not too difficult. Additionally, our cosmetic dermatology office is located in the same building and is even open on Saturdays.

Thank you from all of us at Austin Family Medicine Associates and Aesthetica MedSpa.