Aching joints? Localized chronic pain? Sagging skin? All three of these common problems can be resolved with one single type of non-surgical treatment:

BodyStem Stem Cell Therapy

To put it simply, stem cell therapy is the process of taking healthy cells from the blood, fat or bone marrow and injecting them into different areas to stimulate new cell growth and reparation. The procedure can take as a little as 30 minutes (four hours is the maximum treatment time) and it causes minimal downtime. It’s an incredibly versatile treatment that can help people of all ages to overcome a wide variety of treatments; read on to find out what Dr. David Sneed’s trademarked procedure BodyStem could do for you.


Osteoarthritis is an incredibly common condition which tends to affect us as we age. It occurs when the cartilage that lines joints begins to thin and cause stiffness, pain and swelling. It is very common in hands, knees and hips and if left untreated can result in the need for replacement joints.

Stem cell therapy can help to regenerate cartilage in the joints in order to minimize pain and stiffness. The earlier it is performed, the more effective it is in preventing the need for joint replacement and it can significantly improve quality of life. Where arthritic knees once made it almost impossible to walk, stem cell therapy can give patients a new lease of life without pain or discomfort.

Chronic PainMuscle and ligament injuries

When a muscle or ligament is torn or badly strained the surrounding tissues go into overdrive in order to regenerate new cells, but if the injury is particularly bad it can take an incredibly long time to fully heal and in some cases it can never get back to normal. BodyStem is a brilliant way to maximize the healing process and make recovery from injury faster. It’s also a great option for people with historic injuries to improve muscle and ligament function and reduce chronic pain cause by their injury.

Chronic pain

Pain usually occurs in the body as a result of some type of musculoskeletal injury, and for some it can be chronic and difficult to cope with. An old sporting injury that occurred 20 years ago could be responsible for the stiffness and discomfort you now experience daily. In identifying the cause of the pain it is possible to use BodyStem treatment in the problem area in order to stimulate cell regeneration, promote healing and alleviate chronic pain.

If pain in muscles or joints is plaguing you on a regular basis, you don’t have to simply put up with it or write it off as an aspect of getting older. BodyStem could be the effective solution you’ve been looking for and it could help you to overcome pain that you’ve been dealing with for decades.

Aging skin

Stem cell therapy can be used as an aesthetic treatment as well as a method for promoting musculoskeletal healing. As we age our skin tends to lose mass and become sagging and wrinkled, but by injecting new cells into problem areas it is possible to regenerate cells, promote the production of collagen, and create smoother, plumper skin.

This type of stem cell treatment, which has been trademarked by our own Dr. David Sneed, is slightly different to BodyStem; it is called StemGlo and is available at Aesthetica Med Spa. The procedure works in much the same way as cosmetic fillers; it takes as little as 30 minutes, requires very little downtime, and for many patients can create a more youthful profile and better looking skin without the discomfort of surgery.

Will BodyStem work for you?

As with any type of treatment of this nature its effects differ from patient to patient, but the great thing about BodyStem is that it’s incredibly flexible. When you visit us for a consultation your symptoms and situation will be analyzed and a unique treatment plan will be developed. Your physician will decide on the type of BodyStem required (Platelet Rich Plasma, Adipose Stem Cells or Bone Marrow Aspirate Collection – sometimes a combination of the three will be used) and decide on the location in which the healing cells will be injected to provide the most effective results.

Contact us to arrange your consultation and to find out if BodyStem could help you to return to a pain-free life.