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The Importance of Preventive Health and Wellness

As we grow older we typically begin to fall victim to various chronic illnesses. These illnesses can hamper the quality of life and limit the range of activities old populations can participate in. Apart from this, repeated illnesses also lead to a rise in health insurance premium, which can cause financial difficulties in the long […]

Tips for Overcoming Stress Eating

It’s not uncommon to turn to food (stress eating) in times of stress or high emotion. Many of us find solace in comfort foods when we’re having a bad day, but for some the compulsion to eat when stressed can become a serious problem if it leads to weight gain and, in turn, weight-related health […]

Does Aspartame Cause Obesity?

If you’re picking up a soda and you’ve got weight loss, calories or healthy-eating on your mind, do you opt for the sugar-laden, original variety or the sugar-free, zero-calorie variety? Doing the latter may seem like the smart, healthy choice, but the truth is that it could actually be hindering your health and weight loss […]

Is Your Health Being Harmed by Hidden Sugar?

We all know we should be keeping an eye on our sugar intake, but do you really know how much you’re consuming? Hidden sugar hides behind a wide range of names on food labels and can be tricky to spot, leading us to consume more of it than we expected. The only way to avoid […]

7 Ways That Exercise Can Benefit Your Brain and Body

We all know that exercise is good for our health, but do you know exactly how it positively impacts the body and brain? Here are seven benefits of regular exercise which may just surprise you. 1. Fat Cells Shrink Exercise is obviously important for losing weight, because the process of burning more calories than you […]

Yes, You Can Eat Eggs!

Many people are very confused on whether or not they should eat eggs.  The truth is that eggs are a very healthy source of protein and other vitamins and minerals, however all eggs are not created equal.  This makes shopping for them quite confusing. Being knowledgeable regarding the wording on the carton can make shopping easier and help […]

Tips for Eating Healthy and Decreasing Stress at Social Events

It is time to stop stressing out about social gathering and the dreaded weight gain that usually ensues. Taking just a few precautionary measure will enable you to maintain your weight and possibly even lose. Follow these tips and you will remain confident and full of energy. Don’t arrive on an empty stomach! Although you […]