Airrosti Rehab Care at Austin Family Medicine

Airrosti rehab in Austin offers rapid and highly effective physiotherapy treatment to help people overcome muscle tension, back problems and chronic pain, without expensive and invasive surgeries.

Dr. Shawn K. Small is an Austin chiropractor who provides Airrosti rehabilitation here at Austin Family Medicine to a wide range of patients. Airrosti is suitable for treating a large variety of injuries and chronic pain conditions, including headaches, back pain, sciatica, plantar fasciitis and muscle tension throughout the body.

Targeted treatment, fast results

We recommend Austin Airrosti rehab to people who want to resolve their chronic pain naturally without the intervention of surgery. The idea behind Airrosti is that patients are provided with highly targeted and incredibly effective treatment plans so that they recover quickly. Not only does this mean rapid relief from pain and discomfort, but also that treatment costs are kept to a minimum.

Almost 90% of patients report that their medical problems have been resolved after just three sessions at an Airrosti clinic. This is due to the way in which Airrosti chiropractors perform targeted manual therapy during each session, while providing a thorough treatment plan to the patient to allow them to perform exercises at home to speed up their recovery.

What to expect at an Austin Airrosti rehab clinic

During your first consultation with Dr. Small, the leading chiropractor at Austin Family Medicine, you will be given a thorough clinical assessment where the severity of your condition and the cause of it will be established. Airrosti Rehab Injury ListThe Airrosti program focuses on getting to the root cause of the pain and injury; this helps to permanently resolve the problem, rather than simply treating its symptoms.

Dr. Small will then perform hands-on manual therapy in order to mobilize joints and soft tissues. This improves the potential for healing in the targeted area and surrounding tissues and prepares the body for the treatment plan which follows.

You will give you a customized treatment program which will include exercises and sketches for self-care at home. Dr. Small will provide you with clear, concise information about the nature of the injury and the treatment so that you can have a better understanding of how your body works. By working in this way, he gives you the power to manage your condition and be on track to a fast resolution.

Each time you return to our Austin Airrosti rehab clinic for treatment, Dr. Small will perform a new assessment of your condition to ensure that your recovery is progressing as expected. This transparent approach ensures your pain and dysfunction is tracked each step of the way so that both parties can understand when the injury is out of the scope of Airrosti treatment and should be handed over to another doctor at Austin Family Medicine.

Choose an Austin chiropractor you can trust

With extensive chiropractic qualifications and an impressive knowledge of anatomy, physiology and neuromuscular diagnosis, you can trust Dr. Small to deliver high quality rehabilitation and care throughout your treatment. Furthermore, 99.7% of Airrosti rehab patients report that they would recommend the treatment plan to friends which is testament to the quality and effectiveness of the therapy you will receive.

If you’re suffering from back problems, chronic pain, muscle tension or other persistent conditions, you could benefit from Airrosti rehab in Austin; call us today to arrange your initial appointment.