Holistic Consultations

Holistic consultations assess the underlying causes and triggers of dysfunction.   This is done through careful review of your health history, including environmental triggers, mind-body connection, comprehensive laboratory data, genetic make-up, food journal review, nutritional Assessment Questionnaire and by addressing the foundations of health: digestion, blood sugar balance, fatty acids, minerals, and hydration.

Core Nutrition Beliefs:

  • Each person is a bio-individual
  • Eat mostly local, seasonal, organic, fresh foods
  • Eat meat that is humanely raised, grass-fed, pasture raised, organic
  • Eat whole, unrefined, unprocessed, unpackaged food
  • Eat foods that are properly prepared to enhance their nutritional content and digestibility
  • Make your own foods at home, it’s fun, creative, and you are in control
  • Diets should never be about deprivation but always about nourishment and balance

To begin working with our nutritional experts, you will start with an initial consultation which generally requires 60 minutes.  The Nutritionist or Dietician will review your medical, family, and social history. We will also analyze your current lifestyle (diet, exercise, and stress), medications, and supplements. Then, we will discuss your health goals and the goals that your doctor is looking to achieve for you.  The nutritionist / dietician will also review your symptoms and identify possible nutritional imbalances. A Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA-body composition) may also be completed.

The nutritionist or dietician will then present their overview. A recommended plan will be presented to you and your transformation will begin. This transformation will help you obtain your personal goals as well as your doctor’s goals.

Approximately 1-2 weeks after your initial consultation, you will return for your first follow-up in which the plan will be discussed and adjusted as needed.

Follow-Up Consultations

Your follow-up consultations are individualized based on your personal needs.   Follow-up visits are 30 minutes in length.

Most people prefer working with our nutritional experts for 3-6 months while making the changes toward a healthier lifestyle. After 3-6 months of follow-up visits, they will then make periodic appointments throughout the year.