Professional Grade Supplements

Austin Family Medicine Associates only recommends and stocks the highest quality supplements to provide optimal support. We have done the research, so that you do not have to spend your valuable time researching and running from place to place to find a cost-effective nutraceuticals.

Only licensed or certified professionals make recommendations. Professional-grade supplement lines are not sold in big chain retail or online stores because these manufacturers believe that proper education by licensed healthcare professionals is vital to the proper use of their product. At AFMA, only specially trained and licensed Doctors, Physician Assistants and Certified Nutritionists consult with patients on professional-grade supplements. You can rest assured that you are getting expert advice.

From a manufacturing standpoint, the nutrient and herbal industries are poorly regulated. Far too many instances exist where unknown substances were added or something important was never included. The companies supplying our professional-grade supplements provide assurance that what is on the label is exactly what is in the bottle. They have raised the bar for industry standards by following the same FDA guidelines set forth for pharmaceutical companies regarding purity, consistency and quality. This quality check is known as Current Good Manufacturing Practice Guidelines, or GMPG.

Because it is more cost effective, many nutrient or herbal companies tightly compress their ingredients into capsules or hard tablets. Very often, companies do not test to determine how rapidly their products break down in the digestive tract. This additional testing can add to the cost of the product, but if the product is not properly broken down and distributed throughout the body, it cannot be utilized and may be of no benefit.

When Buying Supplements, consider these important facts:

Fact #1

All supplements manufacturers buy ingredients (vitamins, mineral, herbs, etc.) from raw material suppliers that offer many different levels of quality.

Fact #2

Not all supplements contain the ingredient form demonstrated by research to offer beneficial support.

Fact #3

Unfortunately, many companies use lower quality ingredients to reduce their costs-and you won’t see that on the label.

Fact #4

We recommend Metagenics, Protocol for Life, Biotics, Methyl-Life, Pure Encapsulations and other highly reputable companies because they use premium quality ingredients, providing a higher degree of safety and efficacy.

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