Weight Management And Nutritional Treatment in Austin

Austin Family Medicine provides full service weight management and nutritional treatment as a part of a comprehensive approach to health. Our knowledgeable staff works together to provide patients with the best care to reach and maintain customized weight and health goals. Kati Coble, our on-site dietitian, has over 3 years of clinical experience providing nutrition care. Please read the information below for more about what we offer for your weight and health goals.

Healthy Body Image

Ideal weight and health goals should come from a healthy body image. A healthy body image includes a realistic assessment of individual physical capabilities, weight target timelines, and nutritional guidelines. Specialists at Austin Family Medicine can help you to set goals and devise a plan to help you get there.

Strategies for Weight Management and Nutritional Treatment

The strategies will be customized to each patient, whether the main goals are for weight loss or optimal nutrition. It’s important to plan smart. Lifestyle factors such as family time and work schedule can be the foundation for developing a common sense routine. Challenges like dining out and other unavoidable minor setbacks can also be addressed.

Tools For Diet and Nutrition

Austin Family Medicine will monitor blood lipid profiles to make sure nutrition is at the recommended levels. Menus, supplement recommendations, and articles will be made available to patients seeking weight management and nutritional treatment. Diet plans may be ideal for patients with new food allergens or in need of nutritional support due to other illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, or HIV/AIDS. Interactive tools are available online as well to help patients keep track of nutrition and exercise goals.

If your weight is posing serious health problems, a physician may recommend medication or weight-loss surgery. The best way to find out how you can reach your weight management and nutritional treatment goals is by scheduling a consultation today. Austin Family Medicine accepts most insurance plans, and can work with you to figure out your coverage. Fill out the form above or call us for more information.

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