Wellness Physicals

Our Nutritionist/Dietitians are certified, experienced professionals who are committed to helping you develop a new perspective on eating well, managing your weight, disease prevention, eating on the go, making healthy choices at fine dining establishments and choosing the best nutritional supplements. Consultations are 60-minutes and will be in person. You will be provided with a customized healthy eating plan that takes into account specific medical concerns and lifestyle needs.

Strength and flexibility evaluation:

Muscle Endurance:



Zipper Stretch
Sit and Reach

Additional Services:

Grocery Store Tour:

Our Certified Nutritionist and Dietitians personally guide you through your shopping experience at a local grocery store, helping you find healthier products while avoiding nutritional traps. Gain confidence about choosing the right foods for you and your family.

Pantry Makeovers:

Our Certified Nutritionist/Dietitians will into your home and teach you how to read labels and understand what is really in your food.