Ideal Protein Diet Austin

Lose Weight With The Ideal Protein Diet!

ideal-protein-diet-logoDo you worry about your weight and wonder what effect it may be having on your health? Have you been told by worried family members to lose weight and become healthier? Or have you had a warning from a doctor that it’s time to shift the pounds? No matter why you want to lose weight, and no matter how many pounds you have to get rid of, the Ideal Protein diet could be the safe and successful solution you’ve been looking for.

What is Ideal Protein?

Ideal Protein is a diet protocol only available via doctors like us at Austin Family Medicine. The protocol has a wide variety of delicious and healthy foods to choose from, all of which are packed full of high quality proteins whilst being very low in carbohydrates. Experts have carefully balanced the Ideal Protein diet to ensure that it is completely safe as a long-term weight loss goal, not to mention incredibly successful.

How does Ideal Protein work?

First of all, we must talk about why we gain weight in order that we can understand how to lose it. The typical American diet tends to contain foods which are packed with sugar, fat and carbohydrates. This causes the body to overproduce insulin, which wreaks havoc on blood sugar levels and causes more cravings for sugar, fat and carbohydrates, all of which cause weight gain. Not only that, but insulin is responsible for enabling the transfer of fat into fat cells, and when overproduced it tends to ‘lock in’ fat and make losing weight particularly difficult.

Ideal Protein is low in fat, sugar and carbohydrates, which means it can rebalance insulin and blood sugar levels and make it possible to burn fat. Since it is high in protein, it can stimulate loss of fat without loss of muscle mass, thus keeping the body incredibly healthy and strong whilst the pounds steadily drop.

What do I get on the Ideal Protein diet?

There are a wide range of tasty Ideal Protein foods available, including breakfasts, soups, pasta, desserts, savory snacks and meal replacement shakes. When you visit us to begin on your Ideal Protein journey, your doctor will devise a recommended plan based on your body and weight loss goals, and will explain exactly what you should be eating.

Once started on the Ideal Protein diet, you’ll receive weekly one-on-one coaching sessions where you’ll get nutritional advice and tips on adjusting your lifestyle to maximize your chances of success. You’ll soon develop a brilliant understanding of how your body processes food and how it is fueled by food, so that you can make smarter diet choices in future.

Get started with Ideal Protein

If you’d like a highly successful and healthy diet plan to help you reach your target weight, simply get in touch to arrange a free consultation. One of our physicians will talk you through Ideal Protein in more detail and explain exactly how this diet could change your life for good.