Dr. Shawn K. Small, DC

Dr. Shawn K. Small, DC

Dr. Shawn K. Small, DC  is a certified Adult and Pediatric Chiropractor. He loves working at Airrosti (located inside the Austin Family Medicine office) because the patient-centered approach significantly reduces costs and recovery times for patients. In fact, most patients see immediate relief after the first visit, with full resolution after an average of three appointments.

Became an Airrosti Provider:

Undergraduate School:
Texas A&M University

Graduate School:
Parker University

Longview, TX

What Airrosti Means to Me:

Airrosti is a platform for me to help others achieve their goals whether it is walking down the block or running a marathon. Being an advocate for increased function and quality of life without pain is something that gives me great of joy. I am grateful to be able to do that each and every day at Airrosti.

Main Objectives:

Through an examination of your musculoskeletal system, Dr. Shawn K. Small will provide you with a concise diagnosis of the primary driver and cause of any pain or dysfunction that is holding you back. Translating clinical orthopedic testing into simple and easy to understand language allows for a thorough understanding of your condition. By providing clear objectives and treatment planning, as well as simple and unique methods to help manage your condition as you progress, you will be empowered to take control of your health. Airrosti takes pride in keeping itself accountable by tracking pain and dysfunction before and after each visit. By doing so, we maintain transparency with the patient by fully understanding when their injury is within our scope of treatment and when it is time to put them in the hands of one of the doctors at Austin Family Medicine Associates.


Treatment with Dr Small is hands-on manual therapy. He is well versed in numerous techniques that complement the complexity of the individual and the unique situation they are in. These techniques are directed at treating acute soft tissue injuries like ankle sprains to chronic conditions like low back pain. From headaches and carpal tunnel, to shin splints and plantar fasciitis, Dr. Small has a tremendous amount of experience to help you get out of pain.

What is Airrosti?

Airrosti Rehab Centers (Airrosti) is a healthcare group that employs and trains skilled providers who specialize in delivering high quality, outcome-based musculoskeletal care and pain management. Airrosti providers are expertly trained to diagnose and correct the cause of pain associated with many types of common injuries/conditions, allowing you to quickly and safely return to activity—usually within 3 treatments (based on patient-reported outcomes).

Airrosti’s quality care approach—including their providers’ attention to detail and time commitment to each patient—leads to an accurate diagnosis and treatment, along with significantly reduced recovery times and total treatment costs. Many patients experience significant improvement in range of motion on their first visit.

What to Expect During Your Visit

  • Expert Assessment and Diagnosis — Your Airrosti provider will perform a thorough clinical assessment to evaluate your condition and determine the root cause of the pain/injury. Functional testing will be performed at every visit to show demonstrable improvement following treatment.
  • Manual Therapy — Soft tissue and joint mobilization will be delivered through a hands-on approach (manual therapy), using skilled manual/physical medicine to effect changes in the soft tissues (including muscles, connective tissue as well as fascial tissue, and joint structures) with the purpose of improving function and range of motion.
  • Active Care Program — When appropriate, a customized program of stretches and exercises will be prescribed to help speed recovery and prevent future injuries, with additional instruction provided for home self-care.
  • Patient Education — Your provider will educate you on your diagnosis and treatment options, clearly communicating reasonable expectations for the resolution of your injury, measurable progress made during each visit, and your timeline for return to work or normal activity.
  • Outcome Measurement — Airrosti providers are required to obtain outcome measurements during every patient visit. Patient feedback is essential to ensuring their outcome-based care is both effective and efficient. Treatment planning is prescribed solely on an outcome basis, not by benefit design or allowable visits.