It’s a quick, simple and highly effective method for producing a rich, healthy and long lasting tan, but Melanotan has some other major benefits as well. If you’ve been considering Melanotan injections, let us share with you a few of its extra benefits that might just come as a happy surprise.

Dr. David Sneed and Sharon Sneed, Ph.D

1. Reduced sun damage

Melanotan contains peptides which work to switch on melanocytes – the cells in our skin which produce the pigment melanin. Once Melanotan injections have been administered, your skin tans more efficiently when exposed to the sun. This means that after just a few minutes in the sun, you can develop a deep, rich tan which, without the injections, would require hours of sun exposure to develop. By spending less time exposed to UV rays, you can minimize sun damage and therefore reduce the risk of premature skin aging, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. Not only that, but since melanin is produced by the body to reduce skin damage, by having higher levels of the pigment in your skin you reduce the risk of getting painful, unsightly sunburn if you do find yourself out in the midday sun without sunscreen.

Melanotan also helps a tan to last longer – we’re talking months before a tan fades, rather than weeks for tans produced without Melanotan. This means you don’t have to keep up with regular sun bathing sessions to maintain a beautiful glow. Instead, you simply have quick top-ups of Melanotan injections to maintain the level of tan that you desire, without having to expose the skin to regular sun damage.

2. Increase in libido

One of the potential side effects of Melanotan is increased libido in both men and women. Not only can it heighten sexual arousal, but also desire for sex. Its effects are so profound that scientists have since worked to isolate the specific compound responsible for boosting the libido in order to produce a specific libido-enhancing drug. It is believed that Melanotan can help to improve general mood and happiness, and that it is this that stimulate a higher sex drive rather than direct physiological effects of the drug. Studies have also found that it can help men with ED (erectile dysfunction) to achieve more frequent and more rigid erections.

Of course, we wouldn’t advise the prescription of Melanotan specifically for increasing libido for those uninterested in its tanning effects. However, if lack of sex drive, low sexual arousal or, for the men, trouble achieving and maintaining an erections are problems for you, Melanotan could help to give you a welcome boost in the bedroom.

3. Improved rate of fat loss

Melanotan can be beneficial for those trying to lose weight, thanks to two beneficial side effects. Firstly, studies have proven that it can help to better metabolize fat, thus making fat loss occur faster. It has been found that it helps to reduce both visceral fat (found around the organs) and subcutaneous fat ( found beneath the skin). Not only that, but it can also indirectly boost weight loss by reducing appetite, making it easier to adhere to a calorie-controlled diet.

It goes without saying that Melanotan can only help to heighten fat loss alongside a balanced diet and healthy exercise regime, but for those who want to shed a few excess pounds, the weight loss benefits are an added extra alongside the injectable’s tanning properties. Plus, treating ourselves to a lovely tan is often a great way to help us feel good about ourselves physically and more motivated to stick with our healthy eating and exercise regimes. With Melanotan you can enjoy this confidence boost alongside a boost in fat loss – win win!