Welcome to Patient Portal

What is UPDOX and how to use Updox

Updox is our HIPPA compliant patient portal access system that we have in place for our patients to communicate with our office for the following reasons..

  • To request medication refills
  • To request copies of any part of your medical records
  • To fax any forms for work or school to be filled out by our providers

We ask that while filling out our new patient forms and updated demographic forms that you please provide us with your email address, which is needed for you to have log-in access to Updox.

To access the Updox patient portal you will need to have a username and password.  The username is usually the patients email address and the password is of your own choosing. If this is forgotten or you don’t have one when logging in, may choose “forgot password” and it will prompt you to enter your email address to reset your password.

If a red line pops up with ACCOUNT NOT FOUND, then there are some issues with the username, and we will need you to call the office to get help with the access log in info. Once you have the correct login information, log in and it will take you to the home page of Updox and you can click on “Messages” to view the email messages that we have sent to you.  You also have the option to click on send message to send us any messages.