Melanotan in Austin – Tanning Injections

A deep, rich tan with less harmful UV exposure, minimal sun damage no sticky tanning products – if that’s something you’ve always dreamed of, Melanotan could be your new favorite tanning aid.


Melanotan’s impressive qualities

Melanotan is an injectable peptide which works to help your skin develop a gorgeous, dark tan with only minimal exposure to the sun. To understand how it works, we must first explain how the tanning process works within our bodies.

When the skin is exposed to the sun, it produces a pigment called melanin which is designed to protect the skin from damage caused by UV rays. Melanin is produced by specific cells called melanocytes. When the peptide Melanotan is injected into the skin, it essentially ‘switches on’ these melanocytes so that they can produce melanin more efficiently.

The result? When skin is exposed to the sun for just a short time, it produces an increased amount of melanin than it usually would. This means that you can spend just 10 minutes outside in the sunshine, and see your skin tone develop into a beautifully rich, warm tan that would have taken hours of sun exposure to produce without Melanotan.

The safer, smarter option to natural tanning

When we expose our skin to the sun, we expose it to serious damage from UV rays. Excessive UV exposure causes skin to age quicker and increases our risk of developing lines, wrinkles and age spots. Not only that, but excessive sun damage can also cause melanoma, a type of skin cancer that can be life threatening.

Aside from these long term risks of UV exposure, we also put our skin at risk of burning each time we go out in the sun without sunscreen. Not only is sunburn unsightly and uncomfortable, but it’s also extremely painful and in those with particularly fair skin, it can result in painful blisters that could even leave scars on the skin.

Melanotan is designed to allow people to achieve their optimum tan with minimal sun exposure, thus allowing them to achieve their desired tan without risking UV damage. However, since it stimulates increased production of melanin, a pigment which the body produces to protect skin from the sun, it can also help to minimize UV damage when the skin is exposed.

Melanotan’s other impressive benefits

Aside from it’s incredible tanning effects, Melanotan also boasts some added beneficial side effects:

1. Increased libido – Studies have found that Melanotan can help to boost libido in both men and women, which may come as a welcome side effect for those who experience low sex drive or arousal.

2. Improved fat loss – Some clinical reports have found Melanotan helps to metabolize both visceral and subcutaneous fat, and may help to boost weight loss efforts.

3. Reduced appetite – As an added bonus to its fat-burning effects, Melanotan also works to reduce appetite, which can be helpful for those trying to lose weight through a calorie-controlled diet.

How Melanotan treatment works

As we mentioned earlier, Melanotan is designed to be injected into the skin. This may sound daunting, but since doses tend to be very low you can expect each injection to be quick and with minimal discomfort. In fact, they’re so easy to cope with that they can be self-administered at home.

A series of Melanotan injections is usually recommended to help you achieve the shade of tan that you desire, with dosages gradually increasing the darker you want your tan to become. Once you’ve found your perfect glow, you can maintain it with one dose every couple weeks to maintain the look. The effects of Melanotan last for several months, so even after you stop taking regular doses you can enjoy your lovely glow for weeks and weeks to come. Or, you can take a little piece of summer with you all your round by maintaining your tan throughout every season!

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If you’re sick of the spray tans and desperate for a gorgeous, natural-looking, sunny glow without any of the harmful sun damage, Melanotan could be just the ticket. Get in touch to arrange a consultation about this popular peptide.